The Thrill of Ranking First in Organic Search

Virtual Media Mavens Ranks First in SERP with Google Rank­ing first on the SERP  (Search Engine Rank Page) is a thrilling feel­ing. Vir­tual Media Mavens  has recently expe­ri­enced such a thrill with its highly com­pet­i­tive key­words posi­tion­ing the  com­pany in the num­ber one posi­tion. There is a strong and grow­ing pro­fes­sion of web­site design­ers, SEO spe­cial­ists, and Inter­net mar­ket­ing afi­ciona­dos out on the web. It is a highly prized and sought after achieve­ment to acquire posi­tion #1 in Google’s SERP. Just imag­ine the num­ber of SEO and SEM (search engine mar­ket­ing) experts jock­ey­ing to get it.

To win top posi­tion in Google, an orga­ni­za­tion, or its mar­ket­ing team, must put in tremen­dous time and energy carv­ing out a niche that meets at least two cri­te­ria. (1) It must chose rel­e­vant key­words that are actu­ally being searched for by users. And, (2) it must demon­strate to Google a con­sis­tent and defin­able rela­tion­ship to those key­words within its website’s content.

What does this mean? Google wants to see a web­site using key­words repeat­edly and in con­text with the con­tent sur­round­ing them. Basi­cally, Google wants you to be what you say you are.  This is crit­i­cal to adver­tis­ing with Google AdWords too.

The bot­tom line: the best prac­tice is to make sure that your web­site con­tent agrees with your key­words and vice versa. Agree­ment and rel­e­vancy are paramount.

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